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We create positive emotions for your environments, customizing your space just as you had always imagined. Creativity is our strength. With Interspazio Contract your dreams can come true thanks to a team of experienced professionals.

Interspazio Contract is the concept of a broad and structured system that allows the creation of custom made furniture and that includes all phases that make the final result satisfactory in every aspect.


It starts from the design that is done with care and creativity. Then it moves on to the practical part, the production, when ideas become reality, until we reach the logistic phase. This way, we assure a route that goes from the creation to the installation.

Interspazio Contract is a laboratory where ideas are compared and developed to become something tangible, winning the challenge of being in step with contemporaneity, that is constantly changing at full speed.

A team of architects and designers, through a synergic work, give birth to creative and practical solutions, targeted to simultaneously combine quality and practicality.

The success of Interspazio Contract is due to the attention to the major market trends, without forgetting the importance of the Made in Italy style, always a warranty of success.


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Via Penate, 16 - 6850 Mendrisio- Switzerland

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